This is a list of all buildings in our database that have both a name and a building number.

 1111 Research Parkway Bldg (ONRP)
 12.47 KV Switching Station
 1313 Research Parkway (Lynntech Building)
 2 Research Park (2RPK)
 Academic Building (ACAD)
 Activity Building
 Adams Band Hall (ADAM)
 Adriance Lab
 Aerospace Hangar
 AG Engineering Power & Machinery Building (AEPM)
 AG Engr Res Lab & Shop (AESH)
 Agriculture and Life Sciences Building (AGLS)
 AgriLife Extension 4-H State HQ (Mothballed 2017) (4HHQ)
 Agronomy Field Crop Laboratory
 Agronomy Field Lab (AGRL)
 Agronomy Greenhouse
 Agronomy Implement Storage
 Agronomy Road 138kV Substation Control House
 AI Engineering Building (AIEN)
 Airport Hangar
 Airport-Aircraft Hanger J
 Albritton Bell Tower
 All Faiths Chapel (CHPL)
 Allen Building (ALLN)
 Animal Housing Unit
 Annenberg Presidential Conference Center (BPCC)
 Anthropology Building (ANTH)
 Appelt Residence Hall (APPE)
 Aquaculture Research Teaching Facility (ARTF)
 Aquatic Research Center
 Architecture Building B (ARCB)
 Architecture Building C (ARCC)
 Aston Residence Hall (ASTO)
 Automated Fabrication and Design Lab (RNCH)
 Beasley Laboratory (BEAS)
 Becky Gates Children's Center
 Beef Cattle Center Equip Storage
 Beef Cattle Center Feed Mill
 Beef Cattle Center Headquarters
 Beutel Health Center (BEUT)
 Billy Bryant Barn
 Biochemistry/Biophysics Building (BICH)
 Biological Control Facility (BCC)
 Biological Sciences Bldg East (BSBE)
 Biological Sciences Bldg West (BSBW)
 Biology Greenhouse
 Blocker Building (BLOC)
 Bolton Hall (BLTN)
 Borlaug Center for Southern Crop Improvement (SCIC)
 Break Room at Central Utility Plant
 Briggs Hall - Dorm 3 (BRIG)
 Bright Building (HRBB)
 Bright Football Complex (BFC)
 Business Management Services Building (BMSB)
 Business Management Services Record Storage
 Butler Building
 Butler Hall (BTLR)
 by USDA-Exotic Animal Holding Pens
 Cable Wire Storage
 Cardiovascular Pathology Lab Annex (CPLX)
 Cardiovascular Pathology Laboratory (CPL)
 Cater-Mattil Hall (CMAT)
 Cattle Feeding
 Cattle Processing
 Centeq Building (CEN)
 Center for Urban and Structural Entomology (CUSE) (CUSE)
 Central Campus Parking Garage (CCPG)
 Central Utility Plant (CUP)
 Chapel & Assembly Hall (CHAP)
 Chemistry (CHAN)
 Chemistry (CHEM)
 Chemistry Chemical Storage
 Civilian Lounge - A1
 Civilian Lounge - A2
 Civilian Lounge - A3 (CVLNA3)
 Civilian Lounge - C1
 Classroom At Challenge Course
 Clements Residence Hall (CLEM)
 CMP-Animal Housing Unit
 CMP-Animal Housing Unit
 CMP-Animal Housing Unit
 CMP-Animal Housing Unit
 CMP-Animal Housing Unit
 CMP-Housing Unit
 CMP-Quarantine Unit
 CMP-Quarantine Unit
 Coke Building (COKE)
 Commons (COMM)
 Compost Shed
 Compressor House
 Computing Services Annex (CSA)
 Computing Services Center (CSC)
 Conservation Projects
 Conservation Research Lab
 Cotton Ginning Lab
 Cotton Greenhouse
 Cox-McFerrin Center for Aggie Basketball
 CRL Storage
 Crop Testing
 CUSE-Chemistry (INSC)
 CUSE-Insect Testing Lab
 CUSE-Research Labs
 CUSE-Shop & Storage
 CUSE-Special Project Lab & Storage
 CUSE-Toxicology Hut
 Davis-Gary Residence Hall (DAVI)
 Doherty Building (DRTY)
 Donald L. Houston Building (DLH)
 Dr. David E. Schob Military Appreciation Home
 Dry Feed Storage Facility
 Duncan Dining Hall (DCAN)
 Dunn Residence Hall (DUNN)
 Dwight Look Engineering Building (DLEB)
 Easterwood Airport Control Tower
 Easterwood Airport Electrical Vault
 Easterwood General Aviation Terminal
 Easterwood Hangar 1091
 Easterwood Hangar 1092
 Easterwood Maintenance Support Facility
 Easterwood Rescue and Fire Facility
 Easterwood Shops
 Eastmark Building
 Ecology & Natural Resources Teaching Pavilion
 Electrical and Computer Engineering Solar
 Electrical Distribution Storage
 Electron Beam Food Research Facility (EBRF)
 Eller Oceanography & Meteorology Building (OMB)
 Emergency Operations Training Center
 Emerging Technologies Building (ETB)
 EMS Classroom/EMS Storage
 Energy Systems Lab
 Engineering Activities Bldg A (EABA)
 Engineering Activities Bldg B (EABB)
 Engineering Activities Bldg C (EABC)
 Engineering Innovation Center (EIC)
 Entomology Research Lab (ERLB)
 Eppright Residence Hall (EPPR)
 Equine Center Restroom
 Equine Center Stable (EQCT)
 ESTI 3-Story Project
 ESTI Annual School/Extension Offices/Gym
 ESTI Apartment Complex Fires
 ESTI API Storage Tank Fires
 ESTI Automobile Fires
 ESTI Bathroom (Hazardous Materials Area)
 ESTI Bathroom (Industrial Area)
 ESTI Bathroom (Marine Area)
 ESTI Bathroom (Parker's Privy)
 ESTI Bobtail/Transport Fires
 ESTI Breaching/Breaking Tunnel System
 ESTI Breathing Apparatus Compressor Building
 ESTI Breathing Apparatus Maze
 ESTI Breathing Apparatus Repair Building
 ESTI Breathing Apparatus Storage
 ESTI Business Office
 ESTI Chemical Complex Fires
 ESTI Commercial/Retail Complex Fires
 ESTI Commercial/Retail Complex Fires
 ESTI Crane Operations Shelter
 ESTI Drill Tower
 ESTI Drill Towners (Steel/Brick) Shelter
 ESTI EMS Classroom
 ESTI EMS Office
 ESTI EMS Shop/Storage Building
 ESTI Exterior Shoring Shelter
 ESTI Extinguisher Refill Building
 ESTI Field Maintenance Office
 ESTI Fixed System Classroom
 ESTI H. D. Smith Operations Complex (SOC)
 ESTI Hay Barn
 ESTI Haz Mat Classroom
 ESTI Haz Mat Classroom
 ESTI Haz Mat Office
 ESTI Haz Mat Storage
 ESTI Haz Mat Warehouse
 ESTI Hazardous Material Classroom
 ESTI Hazardous Materials Classrm/Mrkting Office
 ESTI Hose Evolutions
 ESTI Hose Loads
 ESTI Industrial Bunker Gear Drying Building
 ESTI Industrial Classroom
 ESTI Industrial Classroom
 ESTI Industrial Classrooms A&B
 ESTI Industrial Classrooms A&B
 ESTI Industrial Classrooms A&B
 ESTI Industrial Classrooms A&B
 ESTI Industrial Complex Bldg Collapse
 ESTI Industrial Office
 ESTI Industrial Office
 ESTI Industrial Technician Office/Shop
 ESTI Interior Shoring Project
 ESTI Interior Shoring Shelter
 ESTI Lifting/Moving Shelter
 ESTI Loading Terminal Fires
 ESTI Marine Classroom/First Aid
 ESTI Marine Engine Room Fires
 ESTI Marine Ship Superstructure Fires
 ESTI Marine Vessle Project
 ESTI Marine/EHS Office
 ESTI Marines Ship Deck Fires Shelter
 ESTI Milti-User Shelter
 ESTI Multi-Purpose Building Collapse
 ESTI Multi-Use Shelter
 ESTI Passanger Train (7 Cars)
 ESTI Pipe Rack Fires
 ESTI Private Sector Office
 ESTI Process Unit Fires
 ESTI Pump Alley Fires
 ESTI Pump Maintence Building
 ESTI Pump Maintence Shelter
 ESTI Pump Operations Building
 ESTI Pump Operations Building
 ESTI Pump Operations Building
 ESTI Pump Operations Building
 ESTI Pump Seal Fires
 ESTI Pump/Vehicle Maintenance
 ESTI Rail Tank Car Loading Rack Fires
 ESTI Recruit Classroom/Fire Station
 ESTI Salvage & Overhaul
 ESTI Sprinkler Systems
 ESTI Strip Mall Collapse
 ESTI Tank & Dike Fires
 ESTI Technical Equipment Storage
 ESTI Vendor Store
 ESTI Warehouse Building
 ESTI Warehouse Fires
 ESTI Warehouse Shelter
 ESTI Wood Storage
 Extraction Building
 Facilities Services (PLNT)
 Farm Service Chemical Storage
 Farm Service East Wing
 Farm Service Implement #1
 Farm Service Implement #2
 Farm Service Lab & Office
 Farm Service Maint Shed
 Farm Service Northwest Shed
 Farm Service Office Bldg
 Farm Service Shop
 Farm Service Storage 2
 Farm Service West Wing Shed
 Farm Superintendent House
 Fats & Oils Processing Building
 Fermier Hall (FERM)
 Field Lab Implement Shed
 Flammable Mat Storage
 Fleet Services (FLSV)
 Floriculture Farm Storage Bldg
 Floriculture Greenhouse
 Floriculture Growing Facility
 Floriculture Research Greenhouse
 Food Protein R&D Center
 Forage and Turf Greenhouse
 Forest Science Greenhouse
 Forest Science Laboratory Building (FSLB)
 Forest Science Storage
 Former Parking Toll Booth-Easterwood
 Fountain Hall - Dorm 4 (FOUN)
 Fowler Residence Hall (FOWL)
 Francis Hall (FRAN)
 Fred Dollar Food Services Commissary (WCDC)
 Freeman Arena (FREE)
 Gainer Hall - Dorm 5 (GAIN)
 Gamma Radiation Lab
 General Services Complex (GSC)
 Generator Storage Building
 George Bush Presidential Library & Museum (BPLM)
 George P. Mitchell '40 Outdoor Tennis Center
 GERG East Lab & Office Building
 GERG Gas Shed
 GERG Main Office Building (GERG)
 GERG Portable Building
 GERG Solvent Shed
 GERG Warehouse
 Gilchrist Building (T.T.I.) (GGB)
 Golf Course Clubhouse (GOLF)
 Golf Course Maintenance Shop
 Greenhouse-Cotton Taxonomy
 Greenhouse-Small Grains
 Ground Water Storage Tank
 Grounds Maintenance - Tractor Shed
 Grounds Maintenance Greenhouse
 Grounds Maintenance Greenhouse
 Grounds Maintenance Greenhouse
 Grounds Maintenance Greenhouse 4
 Grounds Maintenance Greenhouse 5
 Grounds Maintenance Implement Shed
 Grounds Maintenance Office Shop/Stor
 Grounds Maintenance Potting Shed
 Grounds Maintenance Storage
 Grounds Maintenance Storage
 Grounds Maintenance Supply Bldg
 Grounds Shop Warehouse
 GSC Portable Building
 H&K Equipment Storage Building (adj to Mt. Ag)
 H.J. (Bill) and Reta Haynes Engineering Building (HEB)
 Haas Residence Hall (HAAS)
 Hagler Center (HGLR)
 Halbouty Geosciences Building (HALB)
 Hangar No.1
 Hangar No.2
 Hangar No.3
 Hangar No.4
 Harrell Hall - Dorm 8 (HARL)
 Harrington Education Center Classroom Building (HECC)
 Harrington Education Center Office Tower (EDCT)
 Harrington Hall - Dorm 11 (HARR)
 Hart Residence Hall (HART)
 Hazardous Waste Office & Support Bldg
 Hazardous Waste Storage Bldg
 Health Technologies Building (HTB)
 Heaton Hall (HEAT)
 HEEP Center (HPCT)
 HEEP Laboratory Building (HLB)
 Heldenfels Hall (HELD)
 Henderson Hall (HEND)
 Hensel Park Telecom Building
 Hobby Residence Hall (HOBB)
 Honey Bee/Apiary Services Building
 Hort & Plant Science Greenhouse
 Hort/FS Greenhouse
 Hort/FS Greenhouse
 Hort/FS Greenhouse
 Horticulture Classroom (HORTCL)
 Horticulture Field Laboratory
 Horticulture Implement Shed - A
 Horticulture Office (HORTOF)
 Horticulture Shop
 Horticulture Shop and Garage
 Horticulture/Forest Science Building (HFSB)
 Hotard Hall (HOTA)
 Hughes Residence Hall (HUGH)
 Implement Storage Shed
 Instructional Materials Serv
 Interdisciplinary Barn
 Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building (ILSB)
 International Ocean Discovery Building (IODP)
 IODP/Oceanography Bldg
 Isolation Barn
 Jack E. Brown Chemical Engineering Building (CHEN)
 Jack K. Williams Administration Building (ADMN)
 James J. Cain '51 Building (ENPH)
 Joe C. Richardson Petroleum Engineering Building (RICH)
 John H. Lindsey Building (LIND)
 Johnson Track & Field
 Julia And Mark Ellis '79 Soccer Building
 Keathley Residence Hall (KEAT)
 Kiest Hall - Dorm 2 (KIES)
 Klebanoff-Saric Wind Tunnel (Unsteady Wind Tunnel) (KSWT)
 Kleberg Center (KLCT)
 Koldus Building (JJKB)
 Krueger Residence Hall (KRUE)
 Kyle Field (KYLE)
 Laboratory Animal Care Building (LARR)
 Lacy Hall - Dorm 6 (LACY)
 Land, Air, Space Robotics
 Langford Architecture Center Building A (ARCA)
 LARR Support Personnel Bldg
 Laundry @ The Gardens
 Lechner Residence Hall (LECH)
 Legett Residence Hall (LEGE)
 Leonard Hall - Dorm 7 (LEON)
 Liberal Arts and Arts & Humanities Building (LAAH)
 Livestock Housing
 Luedecke Building (Cyclotron) (CYCL)
 Maintenance Machine Shed
 McFadden Residence Hall (MCFA)
 McFerrin Athletic Center-Indoor Football
 McFerrin Athletic Center-Indoor Track (ITRK)
 McKenzie Terminal Building
 McNew Laboratory (MCNW)
 Mechanical Engineering Office Building (MEOB)
 Medical Sciences Library (MEDL)
 Melbern G. Glasscock Building (GLAS)
 Memorial Student Center (MSC)
 Metal Building
 Military Sciences Building (MILS)
 Milner Hall (MILN)
 Mitchell Inst for Fundamental Phys & Astronomy (MIST)
 Mitchell Physics Building (MPHY)
 Mitchell Tennis Center Ticket Booth
 Moore Communications Center (KAMU)
 Moore/Connally Satellite Plant
 Moore-Connally Building
 Moses Residence Hall (MOSE)
 Mosher Residence Hall (MOSH)
 Mosquito Research Lab
 Munnerlyn Astronomy & Space Sciences Engineering (MASS)
 Murray Case Sells Storage Bldg
 N.S.C. Hyperbaric Lab
 Nagle Hall (NGLE)
 National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing (NCTM)
 Nat'l Aerothermochemistry Lab, Bldg 1
 Nat'l Aerothermochemistry Lab, Bldg 2
 Nautical Archeology Storage
 Neeley Residence Hall (NEEL)
 New Rifle Range
 Nicks Low Speed Wind Tunnel (WIND)
 Non Surgical Animal Procedure
 Northside Parking Garage (NSPG)
 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility (NMR)
 Nuclear Science Center Laboratory
 Nuclear Science Cntr
 Nursery Floral Field Laboratory (NFFL)
 Nutrition/Physiology Center
 Ocean Drilling Test Facility
 Office of the State Chemist Building
 Offshore Technology Research Center (OTRC)
 Oil Tanks Boiler House
 Olsen (E.D.) Grove Picnic Area
 Olsen Field at Bluebell Park (OLSN)
 Olsen Field Batting Cage Facility
 Omar Smith Instructional Tennis Center (WCTC)
 One Circle Drive (PRES)
 Parking Booth At PA35
 Parking Toll Booth At PA72
 Parsons Cav Caretaker Facility
 Pavilion (PAV)
 Pearce Animal Pavilion (PRPV)
 Penberthy Intramural Sports Center (PISC)
 Perennial Grass Breeding and Genetics (PGBG)
 Peterson Building (PETR)
 Phys Plant-Grounds Maintenance (PPGM)
 Physics Teaching Observatory (OBSV)
 Plant Science Grain Sorghum Greenhouse
 Plant Science Greenhouse
 Poultry Sci Comparative Rearing
 Poultry Sci Environmental Res
 Poultry Sci Equipment Storage
 Poultry Sci Handling & Judging (POSC)
 Poultry Sci Integrated Repro
 Poultry Sci Nutrition & Phys (PSNP)
 Poultry Sci Repro & Embryology
 Poultry Science Broiler #1
 Poultry Science Broiler #2
 Poultry Science Caged Layer #1
 Poultry Science Caged Layer #2
 Poultry Science Feed Mixing
 Poultry Science Headquarters (FARM)
 Price Hobgood Ag. Engineering Research Lab (HOBG)
 Processing Lab
 PS Environmental Biotechnology
 PS Gamebird Rearing & Flt Pen
 PS Gamebird Repro & Management
 PS Intensive Mgt & Rearing
 Psychology Building (PSYC)
 Publications Pro. Center
 Pump House
 Purchasing & Stores (PRCH)
 Purchasing & Stores - General Storage
 Purchasing & Stores - Volatile Storage
 Radioactive Waste Building
 Range Science Field Lab
 Reed Arena (REED)
 Reed House
 Reed-McDonald Building (RDMC)
 Refuse Collection Maintenance
 RELLIS Hazardous Waste Facility
 RELLIS Operations Multi-use Facility
 RELLIS Operations Storage
 RELLIS Water Distribution Pump Station
 Reproductive Sciences Bldg. A
 Reproductive Sciences Bldg. B
 Reproductive Sciences Bldg. C
 Reproductive Sciences Bldg. D
 Reproductive Sciences Bldg. E
 Reproductive Sciences Bldg. F
 Reproductive Sciences Bldg. G
 Reproductive Sciences Bldg. H
 Reproductive Sciences Bldg. I
 Reproductive Sciences Bldg. J
 Research Park Maintenance Building
 Research Park Switching Station
 Research Support Bldg
 Reynolds Medical Sciences Building (REYN)
 Rosenthal Meat Science & Technology Center (MSTC)
 Rudder Residence Hall (RUDD)
 Rudder Tower (RDER)
 Sam Houston Sanders Corps of Cadets Center (SCCT)
 Sample Processing Laboratory
 Satellite Utility Plant No. 1 (SUP1)
 Satellite Utility Plant No. 2 (SUP2)
 Satellite Utility Plant No. 3 (SUP3)
 Sbisa Dining Hall (SBSA)
 Schmidt House
 School of Public Health - Admin Bldg (SPHA)
 School of Public Health - Classroom Bldg (SPHC)
 School of Public Health - Lab Bldg (SPHB)
 Schuhmacher Residence Hall (SCHU)
 Scoates Hall (SCTS)
 SCS Forage Greenhouse (SCSFGH)
 SCSC Small Grain Greenhouse
 SCSC-Weed Sci Greenhouse
 Shed At Challenge Course
 Shed-VP Student Services
 Sheep & Goat Center
 Sheep Feeding
 Small Upland Fowl Res Lab (Mothballed in 2014)
 Softball Building
 Soil & Crop Greenhouse
 Soil & Crop Peanut Greenhouse
 Soil & Crop Sci Dry Processing
 Soil & Crop Sci Greenhouse
 Soil & Crop Sci Greenhouse
 Soil & Crop Sci Greenhouse
 Soil & Crop Sci Greenhouse
 Soil & Crop Sciences Greenhouse
 Soil Testing Lab (STL)
 Soil/Crop Cotton Genetic Greenhouse
 Solvent Extraction Building
 South Side Parking Garage (SSPG)
 Southern Crop Improvement Greenhouse (SCIG)
 Spence Hall - Dorm 1 (SPEN)
 SSC Chemical Storage
 State Chemist Building (STCH)
 Sterling C.Evans Library (LIBR)
 Storage and Lab-Cyclotron
 Storage Shed
 Student Recreation Center (SREC)
 TAC Realty Hanger
 TAES Annex Building (TAES)
 Teague Research Center (TEAG)
 TEES Records Archive (future Coast Engr Lab)
 TEES Smoke Detector Research
 TEEX - LAW Driving Track Pavilion
 TEEX - LAW Firing Range Classroom
 TEEX - LAW Office Bldg
 TEEX - LAW Prop House #1
 TEEX - LAW Prop House #2
 TEEX - LAW UXO Demo Range Pavilion
 TEEX - LAW UXO Search Grid Pavilion
 TEEX Copy Center
 TEEX Covered Training Area
 TEEX Hangar/Classrooms (ELTC)
 TEEX ITSI Garage & Offices
 TEEX ITSI Offices
 TEEX ITSI Offices - Water Lab
 TEEX Storage
 Telecommunications Optical Remote Building
 Texas A&M Institute For Genomic Medicine (TIGM)
 Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies A (TIPS A)
 Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies B (TIPS B)
 Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies C (TIPS C)
 Texas A&M Polo Club Stables
 Texas A&M System Agency Office Building (AMSB)
 Texas Vet Med Diagnostic Lab (VMDL)
 The AgriLife Center (AGCT)
 The Gardens F
 The Gardens G
 The Gardens H
 The Gardens J
 The Gardens K
 The Gardens L
 The Gardens M
 The Gardens N
 The Gardens P
 The Gardens Q
 Theriogenology Facility, Equine Reproduction (VMTF)
 Thompson Hall (THOM)
 Thomsen Animal Euthenics Center
 Tick Research Facility (TICK)
 Track & Field CTR Ticket Booth
 Track & Field Support Center
 Track Bleacher Storage
 Trans Center Paint Storage
 Transit Services (TRSV)
 Transportation Services Barricade Storage
 TTI Machining Facility
 TTI Office Building
 TTI Proving Ground Research Hangar
 TTI Proving Ground Research Support
 TTI Research Pendulum Test Facility
 TTI Research Storage Building
 TTI Sediment & Erosion Control Lab
 TTI Sediment & Erosion Control Support Lab
 TTI State Headquarters & Research Building (TTIHQ)
 Turbo Lab Support Building
 Turbomachinery Laboratory
 Turfgrass Field Lab (TURF)
 TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #1
 TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #2
 TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #3
 TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #4
 TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #5
 TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #6
 TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #7
 TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #8
 TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #9
 TVMC-Barn No 2
 TVMC-Barn No 3 (VMB3)
 TVMC-Caged Animals (VMCA)
 TVMC-Experimental Animal Building
 TVMC-Isolation Laboratory
 TVMC-Poultry Disease Research
 TVMC-Poultry Research
 TVMC-Small Animal Building
 TVMC-Small Animal Research Building (VIV2)
 TVMC-Surgery Building (VMSB)
 TVMC-Wildlife & Exotic Animals
 TX Forest Service GH Headhouse
 TX Forest Service Greenhouse
 TX Forest Service Greenhouse
 Underwood Residence Hall (UNDE)
 University Apartments Community Center (UACC)
 University Apts Community Maintenance Bldg
 University Center Parking Garage (UCPG)
 University Services Building (USB)
 USDA Greenhouse 1
 USDA Greenhouse 2
 Utay Hall - Dorm 12 (UTAY)
 Utilities & Energy Services Business Office (UBO)
 Utilities & Energy Services Central Office (UCO)
 Utilities & Energy Services Energy Office (UEOA)
 Utilities Inventory Warehouse Building 1
 Variety Testing and Sorghum Breeding (FSSB)
 Varsity Soccer Press Box
 Vending Machine Booth
 Verizon ORM
 Vet Med Research Bldg Addition (VMR)
 Veterinary Anatomic Pathology (VAPA)
 Veterinary Emergency Team
 Veterinary Large Animal Hospital (VLAH)
 Veterinary Medical Sciences Building (VMS)
 Veterinary Medicine Administration (VMA)
 Veterinary Research Building (VRB)
 Veterinary Small Animal Hospital (VSAH)
 Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH)
 Vice President's Residence (PRVP)
 Virus-Vector Research Lab
 Vivarium III (VIV3)
 VMP Shop
 W.P. Luse Foundation Building (LFB)
 W5AC Amateur Radio Club Building (W5AC)
 Walton Residence Hall (WALT)
 Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)
 Water and Valve Hut
 Water Distribution Pump Station No. 1
 Water Distribution Pump Station No. 2
 Water Tower (Insulation Shop)
 Weed Science Field Lab
 Wehner Building (WCBA)
 Wells Residence Hall (WELL)
 West Campus Library Facility (WCLF)
 West Campus Office Pavilion
 West Campus Parking Garage (WCG)
 West Campus Switching Station
 White (G.R.) Conference Center
 White Hall - Dorm 10 (WHIT)
 Whitely Hall - Dorm 9 (WHTE)
 Wildlife & Exotic Animal Ctr
 Williams Alumni Center (CLAC)
 Wind Tunnel Compressor Building
 Wireless Telecommunications Facility
 Wisenbaker Engineering Building (WEB)
 WWTP Digester Boiler Building (TPBB)
 WWTP Disinfection Building (TPDB)
 WWTP Primary Pump Building (TPPP)
 WWTP Secondary Pump Building (TPSP)
 YMCA Building (YMCA)
 Zachry Engineering Education Complex (ZACH)