Behind the Texas A&M Aggie Map

The Texas A&M University Office of Facilities Coordination (FCOR) endeavors to enhance the University's access to facilities information and to grow and develop these capabilities by implementing a new and innovative facilities and land use management information system. By creating new interfaces and integrating with other facilities related data, this system will be a major source of accurate and meaningful management information. It is the vision of FCOR that this new system be the standard for facilities-related information management within Texas A&M University.

FCOR is in charge of developing the interactive Official Texas A&M Aggie Map which is widely utilized by students, faculty, and visitors to help them identify features, buildings, and accessibility ammenities.

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Fall 2017 brings many welcomed changes to the Aggie Map application. Among them are increased reliability and optimization for traffic management and updating of the core technologies. Texas A&M Department of Geography has been a core collaborator in the improvement of the Official Aggie Map providing cutting-edge technology enhancements and practices to provide a more unified and seamless experience for users.

Daniel W. Goldberg, PhD
PhD Assistant Professor of Geography
Aaron Harmon
IT Professional I
Edgar Hernandez
Web Developer